With a penchant for visual composition, Chris Romaine sought to study the beauty of the Cannabis plant through a long-standing passion, photography. Each strain carries its own unique characteristic and his forethought to shoot it like an intimate portrait seperates himself from other Cannabis Photographers.

Chris’ meticulous Focus Stacking mobile set-up and attention to detail allows him to shoot a uniformed style for each client and further develop his passion in visual storytelling for his dispensary and farm clientele.

Part of the joy is being able to converse about the needs in todays Canna-culture so please feel free to reach out with any queries or quote requests.




The Stacked Macro Shots - One of the most intriguing views of this beautiful plant is seeing what the naked eye cannot. This product offering showcases the strain's trichomes in an extremely stunning manner. 

The 360 Spin - The flower seen on its stem as a raw / uncut product deserves a full 360 spin to demonstrate the strain's full form. It's another thing to see a beautiful nug shot but to see your strain isolated on its original stem is pure beauty. 

The Flower Profile Package - This package includes a 360 degree spin video, single still shot of the whole flower, a stacked photo of the cola, a stacked photo shot at 3 to 1 macro ratio, and a stack photo shot at 10 to 1 ratio. This is the package that highlights everything in your strain.